Lets face it, iced coffee is amazing no matter the weather. The only getting it just right is the difficult part to do at home or even worse, on the road.

We have found a great way to make this at home, in less time that it would take to get ready and get in the car. This recipe is a little on the strong side to allow you to add a few extra ice cubes or make it just the way you want.



  • 1oz (28g) Medium-fine ground coffee. Bright eyes works great with this method! We use the autodrip setting on our Bunn G1.
  • 5 oz ice cubes (5 cubes from my freezer)
  • 8 fl oz water
  • Rinse Water





Gather everything up, clear off your counter, desk, tailgate, etc... Its so simple a relatively flat rock (or something) will work just fine. To set up rinse the brewer and filter as usual.

  1. Rinse the filter and toss the water. Place all the ice cubes in the bottom cup. 
  2. Put ground coffee in the filter, tare your scale.
  3. Start your timer and add 1.7oz water to bloom the ground Bright Eyes.
  4. Wait until 40 seconds is on your timer.
  5. Add 2.25 oz water.
  6. Wait until 1:15 is on your timer.
  7. Add another 2.25 oz water.
  8. Wait until 1:45.
  9. Add the last 1.8 oz water.

Once the brewed coffee has finished dripping from the brewer, its ready to go!


One cup is great, how to I make more?

This can easily scale to a much larger brewer like a Chemex and its not much different that brewing a typical pour over. The ratio should be 35% ice to 65% water to ensure to cool the coffee down without leaving a bunch of leftover ice and diluting down the Bright Eyes. Just keep this ratio in mind scale to your hearts content.

Notes on strength

This recipe makes your finished coffee a little on the stronger side with a 13.5:1 ratio. This should be enough to add milk and not lose the delicious coffee flavor even if you need to add another few ice cubes.

Just keep in mind this is how we like our coffee and taste is very subjective. Feel free to adjust to your liking and be sure to tag us on social media with all your creations!





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